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The Mental Health Review Board is pleased to provide the Consultation Report prepared by Joan Cotie. See here for report.

The Consultation Report responds to recommendation #14 contained within the 2021 Report of the BC Representative for Children and Youth, Detained: Rights of children and youth under the Mental Health Act.

Recommendation #14 provides: “That the Mental Health Review Board pilot a new Review Board hearing process for children and youth that centres the young person and is trauma-informed and culturally attuned after actively engaging and consulting with health authorities, First Nations, Métis Nation and urban Indigenous communities and leadership and other appropriate bodies.”

The Mental Health Review Board accepted Recommendation #14. Joan Cotie was contracted by the Board to facilitate discussions with representatives of the appropriate bodies from September to October 2021. The discussions on Recommendation #14 resulted in this Consultation Report. The Board is currently reviewing the consultation recommendations with a Community Advisory Council with the goal of implementing a new Board hearing process for children and youth.


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