About the Board

Who We Are

The Mental Health Review Board is an independent tribunal established under the Mental Health Act. Our mandate is to conduct review panel hearings for patients admitted by physicians and detained involuntarily in provincial mental health facilities in a manner that is consistent with the principles of fundamental justice and section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We have a duty to give patients fair, timely and independent reviews of their loss of liberty.

Our values are: Procedural Fairness of Hearings, Patient-Oriented Service Excellence, Public Confidence and Accountability, and Innovation. As a member of the administrative justice community, we are committed to improve access to justice in British Columbia and endorse the Access to Justice Triple Aim.

Our Team

The Board has approximately 70 members all appointed in accordance with the Mental Health Act and the Administrative Tribunals Act. You can view the Board member Code of Conduct. In terms of gender diversity, there are 35 female and 35 male members. The appointment process and details and biographies of the members can be found on the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing website.

Our professional staff are a vital part of the organization and provide support and service to the Board members as well as the general public.

Annual Report and Others

The Board is required to publish annual report in accordance with the Administrative Tribunals Act.

Annual Reports

2017/18 Annual Report – Please note that the actual number of mandatory reviews conducted in 2017 was 160 (see page 9)

2019/20 Annual Report

2020/21 Annual Report

2021/22 Annual Report

2018/19 Annual Report

2022/23 Annual Report

2023/24 Annual Report

Board Appointees Remuneration Disclosure

2018/19 Remuneration Disclosure

2019/20 Remuneration Disclosure

2020/21 Remuneration Disclosure

2021/22 Remuneration Disclosure

2022/23 Remuneration Disclosure